How did our kids feel about their week at Camp Tulahead? I bet we would get all kinds of answers - most of them excited, many of them tired, and all of them insightful. Now research tells us what is behind those answers. 

A 2010 study of the impact of Summer Camp on Campers was conducted by Troy Glover and his team at the University of Waterloo’s Healthy Communities Research Network involved more than 1200 campers between the ages of 3 and 18 from across Canada. The results are conclusive and they are positive! Summer camp, according to the study, fosters emotional intelligence (or EQ), self-confidence, independence, healthy living, environmental awareness, leadership and other skills that prove beneficial long into adulthood.

It was clearly found that camp provides a safe environment for children and teens to freely learn, grow and develop their capabilities in the areas of 5 essential life skills which are transferrable to every area of life from home, to school, to social groups, sports groups, arts clubs, and of course into adulthood. These 5 life skills are what every person wants to have on their resume but more importantly, within themselves.

These life skills are: Teamwork, Resilience, Decision-making, Exploration, Self-discovery.

Are you a staff member or volunteer wondering if you have made an impact on your campers?

Are you a parent wondering about whether your child can handle a week of summer camp?

Are you a parent or donor wanting to know the value for the Camp fee that you pay?

These 5 life skills are the answer - immeasureable value for your investment. As Research Director, Troy Glover states, "The major changes in [campers'] growth speaks tremendously of the summer camp experience". 

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