Meet our Awesome Team


Year Round Staff

Carol Skinner - Interim Camp Director

carol 3

Carol's connection with Tulahead dates back to 1976, where she was involved in coming up on weekends helping with the building and setting up of the camp.  She then became involved in the summers once the camp opened in 1981.  In 1988 she was hired as the first year round staff member for the ministry, where she continued in her role of Executive Director until May of 2014.  During this transitional time, Carol has agreed to come on board to manage the ministry and we are grateful to have someone with her experience in this role. Carol is excited to be back and enjoying being a part of the ministry and working with the staff.  She is looking forward to this upcoming summer and helping out in any way she can.



Daniel and Kira

Daniel Glasgow - Assistant Director   Kira Glasgow - LIGHT Director

Daniel has been around Tulahead since he was a camper back in 2001, did all three levels of the LIGHT program and has been on summer staff for 6 years. Kira started coming to Tulahead in 2012 as a camper, and has been on staff for 3 years. She loves her new position of LIGHT Director as she gets to connect with and build into youth as they learn about their faith. Kira and Daniel are both excited to see what the ministry looks like year round, and are passionate to connect with children, youth and young adults throughout their ministry at Tulahead.



2018 Summer Staff

Our staff comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, they are united by a genuine love and passion for children, and are fully committed to helping Camp Tulahead fulfill its stated mission.

Daniel Glasgow
Daniel Glasgow Assistant Director
This past year I have been finishing up my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of the Fraser Valley, and am glad to say I will be graduating in June! I also spent part of my year interning at Northview Community Church, where I got to experience the different ministries within the church! This year has definitely been a year of development for me as a Christian, and as a leader! I look forward to returning to Camp for my 7th year on staff, after having been a Cabin Leader, Program Director, and Assistant Camp Director! I don’t think I could have imagined I would be at camp for this long, but how couldn’t I? I love Camp! I love working alongside other passionate leaders, who want to create a fun and safe place to share the Gospel! Can’t wait to see you all for another summer! -Geronimo
Kira Glasgow
Kira Glasgow LIGHT Director
Hi Lovely Campers! My name is Fiction and I have worked and volunteered at Camp Tulahead for five years in the capacity of Cabin Leader, Lifeguard, Waterfront Director, Activity Director, and this year I have the honor of being the LIGHT Director! I have a degree in English Literature and in June will be graduating with a second degree in Education. I am also very passionate about reading books, iced coffee, and fuzzy slippers! I’m very excited to be back at camp this year; to be reunited with past campers, and get to know new ones. I am especially excited to be a part of the LIGHT Program! Camp is a very special place where people can forget about worldly stress and focus on building true relationships. It is a wonderful place to be a part of. I look forward to seeing everyone this summer! -Fiction
Heyo Campers! I am so excited to see you back at camp this summer. This will be my 12th summer at Camp Tulahead and my third summer on staff. Since I last saw your beautiful faces, I have graduated from Surrey College with my Education Assistance Diploma, and have started working in the Surrey School District. I also provide behaviour intervention therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Camp has always been such an important role in my life, and I am so excited and blessed to be able to share such an awesome experience with you! Catch you on the flip side! -Pixar
Brynn Johnson
Brynn Johnson Program Coordinator
Hey all! I'm really excited for this summer, and to let you all get to know me a bit better, here are 5 things you should know about me: 1. I've been coming to Tulahead for over 10 years, and have been on staff twice before, and this will be my third time! 2. I'm currently attending UBCO in Kelowna in their Fine Arts Visual arts program! I love to draw and I want to be a teacher someday! 3. My all time favourite animal is a sloth, and I even have a sloth stuffy. 4. I have a collection of ugly sweaters. 5. I love to make origami and if you want to learn how to make origami, ask me this summer! I can't wait to meet you all this summer! - Spark
Maia Mason
Maia Mason Program Staff
This past year I have been going to school in Abbotsford at Summit Pacific College where I had taken a certificate program which is a One year Ministry Education Global Awareness program (OMEGA). At the end of the school year we went to Asia to build playgrounds for kids and teach kids English. I just got connected with Tulahead this year but I knew of it last year because I had family and friends go to the camp before. I love camp because it is somewhere I can maintain Christian influences as I don’t really have solid influences back home. I want to be involved this summer to experience something different and experience a new Christian environment that I haven’t experienced.
Hello friends! I am so excited to be joining the Camp Tulahead team for the first time this summer as a Cabin Leader. This past year I completed my first year of studies at Trinity Western University. I am planning to major in International Development and minor in Business, which means I get to take a huge variety of classes. In my spare time I have been tutoring Calculus (if that counts as spare time?) and exploring Fort Langley with the girls in my dorm. My friends might say that I’m a little bit quirky and quite enthusiastic; possibly because I never match my socks and I love to play loud music in my little blue smart car. Camp is such a special place for building friendships, growing in faith, and having some pretty amazing experiences. I can’t wait to meet all of you this summer!
For the past year I have been working at Bliss Bridal in Kelowna, helping women find their perfect grad or wedding dress. I also lead as a cabin leader at a camp in the Yukon for a few weeks last summer! I haven’t been connected with Tulahead for very long, but I know a few people who have attended and been leaders in previous years and I am so excited for this summer to start. I love camp because it creates such great friends and gives you the ability to be yourself and just have fun!
Hi Campers! I have been involved in Camp Tulahead as a camper, volunteer, LIGHTer and this year I will be a Cabin and Activity leader. I am currently in grade twelve at Langley Fine Arts School, ans will be graduating in June. Next year I will be attending Trinity Western University in the fall for nursing. This past year I have been concentrating on finishing high school and visual art at school. I love travelling, creating art and outdoor activities. I so happy to be back at camp for another summer. Camp is an incredible place, it’s like this tiny community where you gain amazing relationships. You learn so much over the summer and really grow close with everyone. It’s a place where you are out in nature, playing fun games and focusing on God. I am so excited to see God’s plan for this summer! -Azul
Hey campers! My name is Cobalt and this will be my ninth summer at Tulahead. I was a camper for 6 of them, in the LIGHT program for 2 and a staff member for 1. This past year I was in Chicago at Moody Bible Institute studying to become a youth pastor. Being in the city has made me miss the rural setting that I grew up in and all the mountains and forests. That’s just one reason why I’m pumped to be back at camp again this year. Another reason is to reconnect with all my past campers as well as make new connections with the ones I have yet to meet. Can’t wait to see you there! –Cobalt
Hi! The past year I have been working with a family of four being there nanny. I became a big part of the family and enjoyed working hands on with the family. It helped me notice that I'd like to go to school to work with kids in either a daycare or be a kindergarten teacher. In the fall I will be attending either Okanagan College or Summit Pacific College. I have been going to Camp Tulahead since I was 7 as a camper, did the S.I.T and L.I.T. program and completed my first year as a cabin leader two years ago and I back this year for the summer to be a cabin leader and I can't wait to be back! I can't wait for the summer to start and meet everyone and see some returning faces! I absolutely love being at camp and interacting with all the kids and being able to share the God’s word with the kids. I'm looking forward to seeing you all this summer! -Smiley
Hello! This past year I have been living in Lausanne, Switzerland on exchange! I have travelled all around Europe hiking, exploring, learning languages, and experiencing a unique way a life! I grew up in Merritt, BC but moved to Montreal 2 years ago to go to McGill University. I will return to Montreal in September to continue my degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. I worked at Tulahead 4 years ago as a lifeguard and I’ve been looking for an opportunity to return to camp ever since because I had so much fun and grew so much in my faith! Camp had a profound impact on my life and I want to see similar impacts in the lives of the campers. I am a wannabe world traveller and casual Christian apologist. My next travel destination will be Brazil!!!! Can’t wait to see everyone at Tulahead! – Strauss (yes, like the pants)
Hey! My name is Braden and I'm stoked for my second year at Tulahead! This past year I've been studying business and working at an electronics store! I'm also a youth leader at my local Alliance church. I can't wait to get out to camp and experience everything the summer has to offer. I like loud music, hot days and long, summer hikes. I'm most excited to meet all the campers! See you guys there! -Tuna
Tyler Thomson
Tyler Thomson Program Staff
Hello Campers! I Hope you’re as excited as I am for camp!! This past year I was graduating from Merritt Secondary, making and serving pizzas at Boston pizza and living up my last school year with my best buds! Did you know that I used to be a camper at Tulahead too? For three years in a row I had the most rad time and made some life long friends at the same camp you’re going to!! Camp was the thing I looked forward to in the summer every year because it was so much fun and everyone was always so kind! I can’t wait to send it on the kayaks and hang in the hammock village with you all! See you soon! -Tyler
Justine Howe
Justine Howe First Aid Attendant
I have been teaching at Langley Christian Elementary School. I work as an SEA with children with special needs in Grade 4. I have also been busy being the first aid attendant. My other job is that of “Director” for the school Musical. This year we did “Honk!”, a wonderful retelling of the story of the ugly duckling. This will be my first year at Tulahead. I am a very excited “newby”. I had other plans for this summer but God quite clearly told me “nope! You are going to do what I want you to do this summer”, so I listened and Camp Tulahead was the direction laid out for me. I always loved working at camp when I was a younger and I am looking forward to another summer of living and growing in the great outdoors. - Justine
I have spent the last year at TRU taking Architectural Engineering and Technologies. I came to Tulahead as a camper in 2012 and returned as a LIGHTer the following year. I have been consistently returning to camp every year since. Being able to be an example for Christ and show God’s love means everything to me. Camp is a safe place where God works wonders! –Nova
In the past year I have been going to TRU with that being my main focus during the school year. I have finished my first year of Architectural and Engineering Technology. We have young adults on Tuesday nights at Kamloops Alliance Church where I attend and also do worship every couple weekends. This is my first year attending Tulahead upon recommendation from a friend. I decided to apply as it seemed like a truly wonderful opportunity to be around people of God for an extended period of time. I am excited to see what this summer brings.
Reuben Howarth
Reuben Howarth LIGHT Assistant
My name is Reuben, I have been living in Kelowna this last year working at Canadian Tire, and working to save money to go to school in the near future. I will be working as the L.I.G.H.T Assistant Director to teach and lead our young leaders to a better understanding of God, the bible, and how to be a leader amongst their peers. -Plasma
My name is Lightning I was born in Surrey BC with my twin sister Hillary. I have been attending camp since I was three and this is my fifth year as Tulahead staff. -Lightning
Cameron Snee
Cameron Snee AV Tech
Hi my name is Cameron and I will be producing the weekly dvd for each week of camp. - Firefox