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dave gwen1

Dave and Gwen Bradder – Caretaker and Food Services Manager

Dave and GwenDave and Gwen became a part of the staff team at Camp Tulahead in December 2013. They moved to Princeton from from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. They have four grown children, three living in Vancouver and one on her way home from South Korea. Working in children’s ministry has always been apart of their lives and they are looking forward to continuing that ministry at Camp Tulahead.





tony shella1 

Tony and Shella Broman – Camp Director

Tony and Shella joined the team at Camp Tulahead in May of 2016. They have lived and worked in Merritt for the past several years while co-parenting their two children, Jakob (aged 11), and Olivia (almost 9). Tony has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with a background in children and family services and pastoral ministry. Shella is passionate about caring for the elderly and recently transferred to the Princeton Hosptial to work in their Ridgewood Lodge. 

2016 Summer Staff

Our staff comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, they are united by a genuine love and passion for children, and are fully committed to helping Camp Tulahead fulfill its stated mission.

Daniel Glasgow
Daniel Glasgow Program Coordinator
“Hi! Geronimo here! This past year I have spent this last year completing my third year of a bachelor of science. I’ve been attending the University of the Fraser Valley to complete my degree in order to attend the Teacher’s program to become a high school teacher. Also, I have been working at Tim Hortons, and volunteering within my church as a high school youth leader. I am returning to Camp for my 5th year on staff, and my 13th summer since my first summer at Camp. I love Camp Tulahead because it is a place of fun and a place many can call home! I’m looking forward to this summer for the fun to be had, and to see some new faces and some returning ones! Hope to see you up there!
Kira Glasgow
Kira Glasgow Waterfront Director
Hi Campers! My name is Kira Glasgow and I will be working as Waterfront Director this summer! I am currently entering my fourth year at the University of the Fraser Valley as an English literature major and plan on being a high school teacher. I also love being outside, reading novels and playing sports such as swimming and jump rope. I have previously worked one summer as a lifeguard at Tulahead and I am really looking forward to this coming summer. I can’t wait to meet all of you!
Rachel Gulley
Rachel Gulley Activity Director
This past year I have been attending the University of Alberta while completing my first year of my Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. This is my first year being connected with Camp Tulahead and I am so excited to start my relationship with them. I grew up going to camp with my family and realize the important impact camp and God can have on the lives of not only the campers but also the staff. I am so excited to get involved this year and help make sure everything runs smoothly. I hope to help make an impact on the campers and also grow strong relationships with my fellow coworkers along with grow in my relationship with God.
Noah Bergmann
Noah Bergmann LIGHT Assistant
I’m Noah Bergmann. I am from Merritt, BC, although I have just finished a year of Bible School through Torchbearers International. This included 9 months at Capernwray Hall, England, and 7 weeks sailing in Greece with the Kingfisher Project. I plan to attend TRU in Kamloops in the fall. Although I have not attended Tulahead as a camper, I have been involved in summer camp my whole life. I am serving at Camp Tulahead this summer because I want to do the Lord’s will. This summer I know the Lord has a plan for me and I want to meet that in any way I can.
Grace Tobin
Grace Tobin A/V Technician
Hi, Rusty here! This is my fourth summer on staff and I am beyond excited to see what God is going to do at camp and in your lives this summer! I’ve been busy finishing my diploma in Social Services and being a youth leader at church. I’m excited to meet all of you and reconnect with my old campers and hang out at waterfront or the Zone.
Crystal-Anne Howell
Crystal-Anne Howell Cabin Leader
Hello everyone! My brothers attended Tulahead when they were young and I am so excited to be a part of the camp this summer. This past year I have been finishing up my Music Education degree at the University of Victoria. I have been playing the piano (my primary instrument), singing in the Chamber Choir, playing percussion in the cross-campus concert band, and taking Music and History courses in addition to organizing music events for middle and high school students. I love that when God’s people get together amazing things can happen. I look forward to sharing, teaching, listening, and singing my way through the summer with all of you!
Kaity Lewis
Kaity Lewis Cabin Leader
Hey guys! My name is Kaity and I’m so stoked to meet all of you this summer! I have been attending Camp Tulahead for 7 years as a camper, LIGHTer, and volunteer. This past year I have been in a discipleship program, learning about Jesus, the bible, God’s love, and how to live in response to Jesus’ calling in my life. I’m so pumped to see all you this summer and experience camp like never before!
Haley Sundberg
Haley Sundberg Cabin Leader
My name is Haley (aka Smiley) This will be my 13th year coming to camp – yes, I’ve been at Camp Tulahead since I was 7 years old! I also did the LIGHT program while I was in high school. Camp has been a huge part of my life, it was always something that I’d looked forward to every year and to this day I still do. I love everything about camp, but I’d have to say one of my favourite things about camp would be camp fire and mug up and the silly songs! This year I’ve been going to Okanagan College, taking an English class and a Biology class. In January I plan on going to Columbia Bible College and will be taking my Early Childhood Education program. During the time of me being in school I have been working at a coffee shop called Pulp Fiction and Raw Athletics. I can’t wait to see all of you at camp this summer!
Salena Kropp
Salena Kropp Cabin Leader
Hi, my name is Salena or “Pizazz”. This past year was my final year at Surrey Christian School. I really enjoyed playing alto sax and singing in jazz groups. Other highlights have been traveling to Europe, canoeing, hiking, camping, and white water rafting. Next year I will be studying education at Trinity Western University. This will be my first year at Tulahead and I can’t wait to build relationships with the girls in my cabin. Growing up, I loved going to summer camp as a camper, and later as a volunteer in the kitchen. I loved seeing God at work in the lives of both kids and staff as they had fun experiencing camp together.
Stuart Wiebe
Stuart Wiebe Cabin Leader
Hey Campers! This past year has been a mixture of stress trying to finish my 12th year of high school well, and excitement of finishing my 12th year of high school. I finished up the second half doing hands-on training in how to be an effective medical personnel. I’ve been connected with Tulahead, for a lot of years by my parents’ being on staff, me having been a camper years ago, and then as a LIGHTer just last summer! I had a fantastic summer last year working with the excellent staff and vibrant kid-life in the LIGHT program. I love this camp for its location, the campers, the faculty, the campus and the activities available. Even working with the staff, I still felt almost like a camper with all the fun things I got to do. I can only hope that I’ll retain that excitement working on staff, and that God helps me be the best I can be for the sake of the camp’s reputation, and more importantly, YOU the Campers!
Chad Godfrey
Chad Godfrey Cabin Leader
Hey, my name is Chad. This past year I have been attending the University of British Colombia as a first year Arts undergraduate. I was taking a special Arts program and will be focusing on getting an English degree because writing is one of my passions! This summer, apart from enjoying being off of school, I am working for a retirement home until I get the opportunity to come up to camp again! I have been attending Tulahead as a camper since I was quite young and it has been a huge part of my life growing up. It is what I looked forward to the most during the summer and I kept on coming back year after year until I was too old to come back again! I have also completed both the S.I.T. and L.I.T. programs. Tulahead, for me, is a place where I can feel at home and welcomed in every way possible no matter what! It is a truly special, community-driven place where there is something for each and every individual alike. I was so sad that I could no longer attend as a camper because I was too old, that of course I wanted a way back to this special place. I feel that God is also pushing me in this direction and I can’t wait to see what Tulahead has in store for me – for you – for us all this year!
Reuben Howarth
Reuben Howarth Cabin Leader
Hey campers, I’m Plasma! I will be working this summer as a cabin leader. This past year I have been working to save up for school and I have been helping run the Young Life program here in Princeton. I am looking forward to meeting you all out here at Camp Tulahead this summer!
Hayden Riel
Hayden Riel Cabin Leader
Lightning here! for the past year I have been a Young Life leader in Princeton, BC as well as a staff member at Rockridge Canyon. I have been coming to Camp Tulahead for 6 years, as a LIGHTer for the first 3 and then as a staff member for the last 3. I love this Camp because I grew up at Camp Artaban on the coast. Some of my favorite activities are boating, sports and archery. Can’t wait to see you all up here this summer :D
Lexi Elliott
Lexi Elliott Cabin Leader
Hey, I’m Lexi or “Bunny” as they call me out here. This past year I have been volunteering at the Olds Aquatic Center and at my grandmother’s Museum in Torrington, AB. I am finishing my diploma through my school’s outreach program. This is my first time at Camp Tulahead. I am here as a Cabin Leader and am looking forward to helping all of you kids on your path this summer. I have been going to camps every summer since I was 5 so camp is a very big and important part of my life. I love to work with children and youth, mostly because they are so accepting of others.
Desiree Visser
Desiree Visser LIGHT Program Director
Hey everyone, I’m so looking forward to meeting, working, growing and having loads of fun with you guys this summer. This will be my first time attending Camp Tulahead although I have been involved in many camps in the past. This past year I’ve had the privilege of taking a missions program called Omega at Summit Pacific College. This program really allowed me to grow closer to the Lord. I was able to get more involved in volunteering in the community at youth centers and churches. As my year wrapped up it was incredible recognizing that I was leaving as a different person from how I came into the program. That is exactly what I would love for all of you! This year I’m not only excited to help with the LIGHTS program, encouraging everyone to grow closer to the Lord, but to also walk along side you as well as learn so much from all of you guys! WE ARE A TEAM! #letshavesomefun #funintheson
Jaydee Dick Jr.
Jaydee Dick Jr. Lifeguard
Hi! I’m Jaydee or “Hobbs”. I’m in high school going into grade 11. I am one of the lifeguards out here at Camp Tulahead this summer. Ever since I was really young I have wanted to come to Camp Tulahead as a camper but instead I got this great opportunity to be here on staff! This year at Tulahead I want to help the youth become closer to God and grow in my relationship with Him too!
Emma Cairnie
Emma Cairnie Lifeguard
Hello Everyone! I’m Emma or “Steps”. This past year I’ve been volunteering with aquatics in Langley and working with the public library. I’ve been finishing up grade 11 at Walnut Grove Secondary. I was a camper at Camp Tulahead for 6 years so it has always had a special place in my heart. I am so excited to be working at Camp this summer as it will allow me to serve God and work with the campers! See you at the beach!
Sarah Hunter
Sarah Hunter Cabin Leader
Hello my name is Sarah but you can call me “Blossom”. Over the past year I was studying at Summit Pacific Bible College where I got to develop my knowledge of the Bible and relationship with God. As well had many opportunities to work with kids and young adults, which is where I discovered my joy with working with youth. This coming year I will be going to Okanagan College to work towards getting a bachelors in Child and Youth work. What draws me to be a leader is the memory of when I was attending camps like Camp Tulahead. At these camps is where I met some amazing leaders, grew a deeper relationship and understanding of Jesus, and made some awesome friends. It excites me to be apart of the Camp Tulahead team this year and I can not wait to meet all the campers!
Hi I’m “Lupin”. Over this past year I have been seeking God to lead me farther into His will for my life. As a member of the Tulahead Society I have had a keen interest in this ministry and have volunteered and worked doing first aid in most summers over the last 15 years. This year, I felt the Lord impress on my heart to come up and work for the entire summer this year, and with a few jobs coming to a close, it was perfect timing. I am so looking forward to seeing the work that the Lord will do in each staff member and volunteer. And to see the children who we serve this year blossom, as they draw closer to Lord. Five out of six of my grand children will attending camp this year, and I am so thankful for this beautiful location and spiritually uplifting opportunity. Blessings to all, “Lupin”.