Join Our Staff

Whether you’re wanting to join us on staff, be a volunteer, or if you just want to acquaint yourself with the details of how we train and equip our staff to care for your child, please select an option below:

We are still accepting applications for our summer paid positions and volunteer positions. Click on the appropriate item below and send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Staff Selection Process & Training

As a parent or as an applicant, it is important for you to know what it is that we look for in a potential staff member, and what we do to prepare our staff for the incredible responsibility as care-givers and mentors.

How we select our staff to begin with:

In our summer staff brochure we highlight these areas as desired qualities for those we will hire

Someone who has:

a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and an active and growing faith.
a passion for today’s youth and a desire to understand and love them.
a commitment to lifestyle evangelism and a desire to share what God has taught them.
a servant’s heart, a listening ear, an accepting attitude and a compassionate vision.
a commitment to the local church and its ministries.
a desire to leave their safety zone and reach youth where they are at.
an appreciation for teamwork, and a desire to work hard at being a team player.
graduated from high school and wants to be used by God this summer.

The following steps are required to be completed for the application process.

Submission of a completed Camp Tulahead Application.
Submission of 3 adult references.
Personal interview with the applicant.
Proof of having no prior criminal convictions or arrests with respect to children.

How we train our staff once they’re hired:

We are serious about providing qualified staff for our summer ministry and have developed an intensive 10 day training camp for all of our summer staff to attend. Many hours are put into planning an effective training time and a time that will unify the group for a successful summer season.

Being on camp staff is very demanding and we expect a high level of commitment and service from our staff. We train them to consider the physical, social, mental and spiritual health of each camper. We teach appropriate discipline techniques, and behaviour management. We teach about homesickness, psychological needs, solving arguments, how to stop the bully.

Staff learn how to work as a team, and how to work the same team thinking into the cabin. We work on techniques for teaching activity skills and inclusion of all campers. Staff also learn about servant leadership, effective judgment, risk management, and communication.