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Year Round Job Postings

Camp Tulahead is now searching for a Camp Director to manage Camp Tulahead year round. The ideal Camp Director is someone who is ready for a challenge and able to:

communicate effectively,
adapt to changing situations,
make effective timely decisions,
creatively problem solve,
prioritize and organize their own work and the work of others.

The Camp Director will ensure that the most important and urgent work is completed. They will pay attention to both the details and the big picture to ensure the best interests of the Society and the expectations of all Camp Tulahead clients are met.

The Camp Director is the face of the ministry and plays a key role in ensuring that the ministry is a success!

The pay for this position will be based on skills and experience within the budget of the Camp Tulahead Society.

Basic on-site accommodations are available for the successful applicant.

This is a full time contract position.

If you feel called to this opportunity please send your resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Job Overview

The Camp Director will be the most senior staff position at Tulahead. All other staff positions will be supervised by the Camp Director, who reports directly to the Board. The Camp Director needs to be a servant leader who is responsive to direction provided by the Board, and models and encourages servant leadership to all involved in Camp Tulahead’s ministry. The Camp Director will provide strategic, operational and spiritual leadership for Camp Tulahead.

Key responsibilities of the Camp Director


Based on Tulahead’s current strategic plan, and direction from the Board, the Camp Director leads the staff in the implementation of strategies, operational plans & budgets to guide the direction of the organization.
Offers spiritual leadership to the organization including campers and camp staff, demonstrating Christ-like behavior, seeking the Lord’s will in decision-making, providing spiritual mentoring to staff and holding others accountable for upholding Christian values.


Maintains and communicates clear role descriptions and expectations for staff; provides ongoing mentorship and training; establishes performance measures and expectations with staff, aligned with the vision, mission & values of the Camp; conducts regular performance reviews for all staff.
Uses sound judgment to make, and communicate to staff, timely and quality decisions regarding camp operations, disciplinary issues, and emergency-related matters.


Monitors the organization’s budget and financial targets including benchmarks, performance measures and risk assessment.
Works with the Camp’s bookkeeper and treasurer to prepare financial reports as requested.

Summer Program

Oversees the Program Director in the developing & implementing of programs and activities to keep the camp program fresh; and to support the Christian mission of the camp, including opportunities for campers and staff to develop & deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
Oversees the training of all summer staff to ensure competency, quality and mission alignment.
Ensures the provision of a safe and adequately staffed facility.
Oversees the evaluation of program goals and objectives to provide a quality program that is appropriately staffed.

Rentals & Facility

Oversees the Caretaker in directing, supervising and coordinating tasks related to maintaining the camp facilities, property and equipment.
Ensures all staff maintains the facility in a clean and professional manner on a regular and ongoing basis.
Oversees the off season rental season including recruiting and hosting rental groups.


Oversees the marketing communications plan including social media, website, brochures, presentations to various groups, etc.


Ensures that legal & compliance requirements for the property and camp operations are met; ensures that appropriate safety provisions are followed for the protection of campers, staff & visitors; implements the employee code of conduct; maintains & reviews records & evaluations of all programs, operations, staff and facilities, meeting criteria for BCCA Accreditation Standards.
Ensures that all statutory obligations are fulfilled (Charity Return, CRA, WCB, etc). Ensures all records are kept appropriately and privacy/confidentiality is maintained (personnel, camper, volunteer files etc).